Diary Dates

September 9th 2019

We are travelling extensively throughout the states - if you would like to meet with one of the team please…

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Keeping your milling tools sparkling clean

May 22nd 2019

Milling Tools Maintenance – Zirconia Milling Why should I clean my tools? To keep your tools in peak condition, and…

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Diamonds are a milling tools best friend

February 12th 2019

What coating is best for pre-sintered Zirconia? The main purpose of coating is to enhance tool resistance to wear, which…

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The Milling Tools Dictionary

January 12th 2019

We know how many acronyms you probably come across in day to day life and milling tools are no exception.…

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Large Gloucestershire employers reveal revolutionary dental work

December 20th 2018

We are delighted to have a feature on Prima Digital in the Gloucestershire Echo & Citizen, and SouthWestBusiness. As one…

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Handling - give your tools the TLC they need

December 18th 2018

The carbide Our substrates (we are unusual and have two – one for coated tools and one for uncoated), are…

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Dust Management

November 28th 2018

Removal of powder from the workpiece is critical to the longevity of tooling.   So our best suggestions are:  …

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Quick Fire Troubleshooting - part 1

November 14th 2018

Common issues and their solutions This is the first in a series of common problems encountered with CADCam milling alongside…

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Why is my Zirconia chipping?

November 5th 2018

Two Main Reasons for Zirconia Chipping  Zirconia discs are manufactured to mill easily, maintain low tool costs and enable a…

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Leading UK University of Medicine and Dentistry report Prima Digital tools as more precise that the competition

May 15th 2018

The Report Aim of the study To evaluate the quality of milled crowns using topography analysis. Crowns from a Digital…

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