Quick Fire Troubleshooting – part 1

Quick Fire Troubleshooting – part 1

Common issues and their solutions

This is the first in a series of common problems encountered with CADCam milling alongside some helpful tips. We will be shortly adding vlog articles to this series.

Q. My disc is uneven and the milling is inaccurate? A. Ensure the disc holder is clear from dust and debris. Make sure your collet and chuck are also cleaned and correctly positioned.

Q. My cutting edge is damaged? A. Tools are designed for longevity whilst in the machine, however they need to be handled carefully as even the smallest knock outside of the machine can cause damage. Be mindful that even dropping the tool onto a soft surface my cause damage, using gloves and keeping tools in their original packaging will help alleviate this.

Q.) My tool keeps slipping out? A.) Machines need to be correctly calibrated and tools need to be inserted correctly. We would suggest double checking the machine manufacturers recommendations and ensure you are using the correct software.

Q.) Where can I get software for your tools? A.) Visit our tool set download page for Roland machines here to install the relevant Prima Digital Tool set.

Q.) I think my software predates 2016, what should I do? A. In this case you will need to add the tool measurements manually. These are the measurements provided on the packaging.

Always ensure your milling machine is maintained according to manufacturer recommendations.

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