Understand the Marketplace

The tool user insight: “The focus of development is in the big kit items. Little investment has been made in the milling tools”.

Partnership working

We have over 50 years dental carbide rotary manufacturing experience in Prima Dental. We employed the carbide tool expertise of Dr Marilyn Goh (Phd) and we partnered with key Universities.

Evaluate Carbide Substrates

Hardness is one of the main contributors to wear resistance. By using up to 30% harder carbide than competitors our wear rate on uncoated tools are reduced, therefore tool life is increased.

Develop unique tool geometry

With our patent pending multi flute design and carefully engineered rake and relief angles we have increased milling efficiency and tool wear.

Analyse tool coatings

The substrate we have chosen for our coated tools ensure optimum coating adhesion.

10x more diamond layering

We selected CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) coating for our tools. It is a single coating with multiple layers of diamonds, for maximum hardness.

Manufacturer Consistently

We've set precise processes and tolerances to ensure consistent manufacture of all tools in our new purpose built factory.

Robust testing

We partnered with a leading UK dental University to verify our testing. The results speak for themselves and will be published shortly,

Aid Optimal Performance

We've partnered with Roland authorised software provider to develop ‘tool set’. downloads for milling machines. They are continually updated.

Launch with confidence

We launched with a select range of milling tools that outperform the market leaders and give better value to end users and distributors alike.