Keeping your milling tools sparkling clean

Keeping your milling tools sparkling clean

Milling Tools Maintenance – Zirconia Milling

Why should I clean my tools?

To keep your tools in peak condition, and to ensure you get the best results we recommend cleaning them regularly. With dry milling Zirconia the dust residue will stick to the tool and may impair performance slightly. Clean tools remove the material with optimal efficiency, so the properly maintained tool can offer the best performance.

What do I need?

A selection of dry paintbrushes

Non-toxic Mastic Putty Adhesive (blu-tack or similar)


How can do I clean my tools?

Firstly we refer you back to our tool handling blog – these expensive tools need to be removed properly to ensure they do not get damaged!

Step 1

With gloves on carefully remove the tool from the machine, as you can see from the image Zirconia residue is covering the tool flutes.

Step 2

With a soft bristle paintbrush dust off the residue – the image below is the tool under a microscope and although the majority of the Zirconia has been removed it still isn’t pristine.

Step 3

Taking your fresh blu-tack carefully roll the tool backwards and forwards – any remaining residue will then be picked up. When looked at under the microscope again the tool is now sparkling clean and ready to begin milling again!

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